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Do you enjoy kratom and want to find that perfect powder that could provide relief from stress? Look no further than the Zen Ultra Premium Kratom powders here at Horizon Wholesale. Our experts provide kratom that offers the possibility of physical and mental relief. We offer high-quality powders for one kilogram. If you want to learn more about what the Zen Ultra Premium Kratom powders can do for you, call us today!

Crash Course on Kratom

Our team has met customers who have either expressed interest in kratom or used it for years. With that in mind, they often do not know kratom’s exact origins. The Kratom tree contains the active ingredients Mitragyna Speciosa and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These trees originate from Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. These trees have been growing for thousands of years, but reductions to the effects are not in place. It is quite the contrary! Over time, many discoveries are contributing to the positive effects of kratom.

Here at Horizon Wholesale, we process leaves from these trees into different forms. Kratom usually comes in powders, capsules, or drinks. There are many ways to consume kratom. Not only that, but different strains offer their unique benefits.

You may be asking yourself – what on earth are kratom strains, and what are their effects? We divide kratom into three categories based on the color of the vein found on the leaf. These categories are:

  • Red
  • Green
  • White

Each of these veins produces different effects. These results indifferent alkaloid content in each of them. Particular veins have a higher alkaloid content, and others a lower. Red vein is potent and could induce muscle relaxation and stress relief. In comparison, white vein kratom is energizing and might help with focus. Finally, the green vein’s effects vary from energizing to sedating. Here at Horizon Wholesale, we offer all three of these veins in one-kilogram powders.

The effects you have depends on the dosage and strain you prefer. Many people use it in their fitness regimen to give themselves a natural kick before working out. You can buy kratom capsules from us in either red or a mixed green/white combination. This combination has taken us years to perfect. Yet, we’ve found them to have the highest appeal and approval rate.

How Kratom & Coffee Are Related

We all know that delightful aroma that we can’t imagine our mornings without. Coffee has been a crowd favorite for years. Believe it or not, so has kratom! Did you know that coffee and kratom belong to the same family of plants, the Rubiaceae family? In theory, these two stimulants are very alike in their properties. Yet, they are very different in practice.

Many people have substituted coffee for kratom. They do this because the alkaloids in kratom may have a more noticeable effect. While the caffeine present in coffee reduces sleepiness, kratom might do the opposite. It may relax the body and prepare you for sleep instead. If this entices you, it may be time to enjoy a relaxing cup of kratom tea before bed!

Benefits of Kratom Powders

The benefits of kratom powders might differ between users. Many use kratom to ease withdrawal symptoms, help with chronic pain, or relieve stress. Since mitragynine is not addictive, some people could find kratom capsules helpful.

Kratom is also known to help more than physical pain. Doctors might recommend it to treat depression and anxiety. This development is not surprising. After all, mitragynine has a natural energy-boosting component that can help promote emotions.

Remember that these benefits are noticeable when kratom consumption is regular. Do not consume more or less kratom than your doctor recommends.

Other Zen Ultra Products

Our kratom powders are of the highest quality possible, but we understand that powders are not everyone’s favorite way to take kratom. We also carry liquid kratom extracts and capsules! No matter how you take your kratom, the team here at Horizon Wholesale has got the product you need.

Why Choose Horizon Wholesale?

We know that our Zen Ultra premium kratom powders are terrific. Yet, what keeps customers coming back to us is our service. Our team not only offers exceptional service and quality products. We are proud to build lasting relationships with our customers. Because of this, we are proud that others consider us to be industry leaders.

Our team also continues to research, test, and improve our products. This rigor is to ensure we offer the best kratom capsule possible. We maintain and support our clients at competitive prices. It does not matter how high the demand for our products is.

If you are looking for the highest quality kratom powder, Zen Ultra Premium Kratom is for you. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The best price options available
  • Honest, reliable, prompt, and friendly service
  • Products backed by frequent testing
  • Guaranteed 100% pure and organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher and keto-friendly
  • No minimum order required

Compare us to other top brands and see for yourself why Zen Kratom is the best!

Buy Your Kratom Premium Powder From Horizon Wholesale

You can buy crushed leaf kratom powder from Horizon Wholesale. Choose from either red or a mixed green/white combination. We’ve found these combinations have the highest appeal and approval rating.

Our team wants to provide you with the best premium kratom powder on the market. If you are ready to see what our Zen Ultra Premium kratom is all about, call us today at 1-800-961-1703. You can also fill out our contact form. Our team can answer any question you may have about our products.

FDA Disclosure

Horizon Wholesale would like to reiterate that there are no FDA-approved uses for kratom. The FDA has not been evaluated and intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any illness. FDA encourages more research to understand kratom’s safety profile better. This research includes the use of kratom combined with other drugs.

We encourage all potential customers to talk to their doctors about kratom. Our team will also refuse service to any customer who lives in a state where kratom is unauthorized. The FDA evaluates the available safety information about the effects of kratom. The agency encourages health care professionals and consumers to report any adverse reactions. These reactions can be sent to the FDA’s MedWatch program.

Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume kratom with alcohol, prescription or non-prescription medications, or drugs. These products are not for sale to minors. 18 or older. Keep away from children. The manufacturer of this product takes no responsibility for the misuse of this product.

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